Application Story

Application Story

A New Logistics Application - ITRI’s Self-serve “iPickup” Stations Equipped with Arestech’s BPC-5070 and TPM-3217P

Online shopping has become an essential part of everyone's daily life. However, one inconvenience of online shopping is when a courier delivers a purchase to your home, but no one is there to receive it. In an effort to the delivery process more convenient and efficient, ITRI and Arestech developed a smart delivery solution called the iPickup Station. iPickup stations are strategically locate...

An advanced touch Panel PC- PPC-122R for 2D CNC wire bending machine in Thailand

A professional wire bending machinery is looking for good a quality panel pc to replace HMI for 2D CNC wire bending machine. The industrial-grade PPC-122R provides flexibility and stable system that meets the high demands of harsh environments. The new Bay Trail CPU offers the advantage of desktop performance with low power consumption. Requirements: The 2D CNC wire bending machine requires about good quality panel pc and stability system. The Arestech...

Leading woodworking machine manufacturer utlilizes Aristech's BPC-5020 and TPM-3217 as its control management system

Global woodworking machine sales are valued at about $13.9 billion (US), with Taiwan ranked fourth after Germany, Italy and China. In order to increase efficiency in its manufacturing process, a leading woodworking machine manufacturer has chosen Arestech’s BPC-5020 and TPM-3217 for its control management system. Arestech’s BPC-5030 was the preferred choice for its faster system boot time (just 40 seconds to boot and connect to a CNC controller), exceptional dust control and e...

BPC-5020 Embedded Box PC used for Pbike rental kiosks in Pingtung, Taiwan

In order to encourage its citizens and visitors to use more energy efficient and non-polluting means of transport, Pingtung City in the south of Taiwan is planning to make available 450 publicly accessible bicycles at 20 Pingtung Bicycle (Pbike) stations around the city. The Pbike kiosks used to manage the bicycle rentals system will utilize Arestech’s BPC-5020 Embedded Box PC. Requirements: Adapt to changes in the outdoor environment In Pingtung’s tropical clim...

The world's largest semiconductor manufacturer adopts Arestech’s BPC-3030 Embedded Box PC for its Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) automation system

As the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer remains geared towards meeting the industry’s growing need for faster, smaller and higher performance chips, they must continuously develop and offer a wide portfolio of technology and solutions including IC packaging, the design and production of interconnected materials, front-end engineering tests, wafer probing and final testing, and electronic manufacturing services. With the current trend towards a globalized development stra...

A pioneering automation equipment company in the PCB cutting industry adopt Arestech's TPM-3215 as a control interface

As factory space becomes a premium in Taiwan, businesses must consider greater demand for floor space and deal with increasingly crowded workspaces. Less workspace for people to move in translates into greater potential for damaging products and equipment, especially with the sharp edges on PCB boards. A pioneering automation equipment company has adopted Arestech's TPM-3215 as a control interface for its PCB cutting production facility due to its scratch-resist...

Kaohsiung's 12th solar-powered boat adopts Arestech's BPC-5010 as its energy monitoring and management system

Kaohsiung city's famous fleet of solar-powered "Love Boats" has recently expanded its total number of tour boats to twelve, with all of them incorporating advanced solar-power technologies. These high-tech and environmentally friendly boats not only help lessen the environmental impact on the Love River, they are also the pride of the Kaohsiung City Shipping Co., Ltd. In order to effectively monitor energy management on the solar powered boats, Arest...
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