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Kaohsiung city's famous fleet of solar-powered "Love Boats" has recently expanded its total number of tour boats to twelve, with all of them incorporating advanced solar-power technologies. These high-tech and environmentally friendly boats not only help lessen the environmental impact on the Love River, they are also the pride of the Kaohsiung City Shipping Co., Ltd.

In order to effectively monitor energy management on the solar powered boats, Arestech’s BPC-5010 is used as a solar energy monitoring and management system. Each boat is equipped with twenty-one solar panels on its roof. The new solar panels increase electric power generation by 70-80% compared with previous generations. The high performance solar-powered boats have become Asia's largest lineup of sightseeing vessels utilizing solar energy.

Arestech’s BPC-5010, designed to withstand vibration and a wide temperature range, offers a very reliable energy monitoring and management system that can provide accurate data and effective utilization of energy. The stability of the BPC-5010 is also well-suited to the alternative energy, green energy and automation industries.


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