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As the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer remains geared towards meeting the industry’s growing need for faster, smaller and higher performance chips, they must continuously develop and offer a wide portfolio of technology and solutions including IC packaging, the design and production of interconnected materials, front-end engineering tests, wafer probing and final testing, and electronic manufacturing services.

With the current trend towards a globalized development strategy for businesses, automation has become increasingly important in manufacturing, with bar codes used as a common technology for automation processes. The use of bar codes in this type of system is referred to as Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), and for factory workers, the use of CIM can improve production efficiency and reduce error rates.

Arestech’s BPC-3030 Embedded Box PC is playing a key role in the manufacturer’s CIM automation system, collecting and processing product and batch number information through bar codes. Under normal operating conditions, the manufacturer’s factory temperature is high enough to cause problems with less robust systems having to shut down, causing unnecessary delays and unstable operations. However, because it is able to operate flawlessly in such an environment due to its tolerance of a wide temperature ranges, Arestech’s BPC-3030 proved itself to be the perfect solution where a less robust system would not be up to the manufacturer’s operational requirements.

Embedded Box PC- BPC-3030

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  •    Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900
  •    8 COM Ports (up to 5 RS-232/422/485)
  •    1 Internal USB for Software Encryption Dongle   
  •    1 SATA HDD/SSD (2.5”)
  •    1 Half-size Mini PCIe (for WLAN Module)

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