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Home » News » Latest News » Arestech launches from 15 inch to 21.5 inch IP66/69K Waterproof Stainless Steel 5 Wire Resistive Touch Panel PC –Z Series powered by Kabylake-U i5-7200U/i3-7100U & Apollo Lake Pentium N4200 CPU for Food Processing Application

The latest IP66/69K Waterproof Stainless Steel 5 Wire Resistive Touch PPC-Z Series, Kabylake-U Core i & Apollolake Touch Panel PC

Arestech is an expert in embedded and automation solutions, we are proud to announce our latest PPC-Z 5 Wire Resistive Touch Series from 15 ich to 21.5 inch which is a IP66/69K Waterproof Stainless Steel. Powered by Kabylake-U i5-7200U/i3-7100U &Apollo Lake Pentium N4200 CPU. Used in the aspects of food processing and medicine.WiFi, speaker and RFID reader are supported.

Main Feature:
list_dot_01.pngTrue Flat Resistive Touch Solution 
list_dot_01.pngStainless Steel SUS316
list_dot_01.pngFull IP66/69K Waterproof
list_dot_01.pngSupport VESA Mounting and Yoke Mounting
list_dot_01.pngConvertible Computing Module Design

Food & Beverage Processing Application
list_dot_01.pngHospitality and Catering Service
list_dot_01.pngPharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Equipment
list_dot_01.pngAnimal Feed Production Facility
list_dot_01.pngChemical, Gas & Oil Critical Environment

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