Arestech debuts BPC-7470, 7th Gen Kabylake-S Intel CPU high-performance server grade expandable Box PC

Arestech 2017-03-28

Taipei, Taiwan

Arestech Co. Ltd, an expert in advanced industrial embedded and automation solutions are pleased to announce our powerful, multi-functional and cableless server grade expandable Fanless Box PC.


The BPC-7470 expandable Box PC builds with Desktop CPU and cableless design, makes it highly flexible to use in a wide range of applications such as embedded control systems, automatic optical inspection, warehouse Management and Machine Vision and Motion Control.


BPC-7470 can be deployed with multiple choices of Processor from the latest Intel®Xeon® & 7th/ 6th CoreTM i7 all the way to i5 / i3 Processors, the BPC-7470 supports up to 32 GB with Dual channel (ECC or Non-ECC) DDR4 2133 MHz to deliver unrivalled processing performance, equipped with  4 x PCIe to provide multi-usability. The rugged and concise design for impressive I/O including, 4 x COM, 2 x Ethernet(Dual GbE), 5 x USB 3.0, 1 x PS/2, enabled for our users to choose the most suitable configuration for their own applications. Also, our several new designs are meant to make our customers to use BPC-7470 in an easier way. Our new developed Desk mounting bracket and swappable RAID hard drive are easy-maintain for the users; one Power button on the each side of the BPC-7470 make no problem for users to start up the PC.  


The BPC-7470 can operate in various environments from -20 to 55° C temperatures and its cableless build provides additional durability for long-term usage.

The BPC-7470 is capable of supporting a broad range of configurations to ensure rapid, customized deployment in all kinds of automation demands. The BPC-7470 is the perfect combination of configurability, reliability, durability, and compactness.