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A leading semiconductor packaging equipment company utilizes manned production lines, but also has the ability to automate some of its manufacturing equipment. Automated production lines include precision components, integrated circuit packaging equipment, LCD manufacturing, automation and testing equipment.

The manufacturing process often uses hydrofluoric acid, a strong corrosive fluid that can dissolve many materials including glass (silica). In order to reduce equipment failure rates, the customer purchased Arestech’sTPM-3215 which has a corrosion resistant 15” projected capacitive touch display. 



     Industrial Multi-touch Display     


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  •  15” XGA LCD panel supports up to 1024 x 768 resolution  
  •  5-wire resistive touch technology
  •  12~24 V DC power input with terminal block
  •  Panel and VESA mounting
  •  Combined touch interfaces: RS-232 and USB
  •  Simple, elegant design with IP54 front panel protection
  •  -20~60° C operating temperature
  •  Supports Windows 2000 / XP / XPE / CE / 7 / 8, Linux

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