Arestech In-vehicle Box PC-VBC-6060 Recognized as one of 2015 ICT Month Innovative Elite- Top 100 Awards

Arestech In-vehicle Box PC-VBC-6060 Recognized as one of 2015 ICT Month Innovative Elite- Top 100 Awards

October, 16, 2016, Taipei

Arestech's first in-vehicle Box PC, the VBC-6060, was recognized as one of the 2015 ICT Month Innovative Elite- Top 100 Awards from Information Technology Month (IT Month). Recognition was awarded by selection from the IT Month voting committee comprised of industry experts, scholars, and the media. The VBC-6060’s innovative design for in-vehicle use offers unique features and outstanding performance that the selection committee found to be worthy of high praise.

High performance specification easily adapt to vehicle-specific applications

The VBC-6060 is equipped with a quad-core Intel® Core™ i7–4700EQ CPU and 16 GB of memory to combine fast, cutting edge performance with strong expansion capabilities for fanless in-vehicle computing. The VBC-6060 can operate within a wide temperature range of -25–70 °C and high vibration environments to ensure its working reliably under extreme conditions.


Ruggedized High-performance Computing for In-vehicle Systems

The VBC-6060 has been approved for several international vehicle safety certifications including ISO 7637-2, E-Mark, EN 50155 and MIL-STD-810. Its integrated vehicle management, surveillance and information systems are ideally suited to a large variety of applications. In addition, its use of the controller area network (CAN) bus 2.0B allows the VBC-6060 to communicate with microcontrollers and devices without a host computer. And because it is equipped with GNSS, the VBC-6060 can be used as a GPS and BDS system for real-time information access in remote or mobile environments.
The VBC-6060, with its high-performance specification, can provide video transmission, monitoring and other functions suitable for use in railways, emergency, off-road and specialized military vehicles, as well as with police and other high-security industries. 

Watch the VBC-6060’s introduction video, please click here.

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