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Taoyuan Aerotropolis is a large education facility at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, that is designed to showcase Taoyuan County’s future urban planning and development concepts. The Taoyuan County government created the Vision Hall in order to promote greater public awareness, both locally and internationally, of development in the county. The Vision Hall includes areas for demonstrations, interactive learning and has an aviation city showcase.

The interactive learning area utilizes a special touchscreen controlled program as an education tool to experience and better understand the Taoyuan Aerotropolis concept. The program is a fun and easy way to create a personal experience of exploring the urban planning themes, conservation of the local ecosystem, development of a working area, a memorial hall and the airport, including building a virtual city and MRT planning

Arestech’s PPC-321 multi-touch panel PC is the main interface for the creative and interactive software. Taoyuan Aerotropolis is intended to enhance Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport’s competitiveness while adding prosperity to the local economy and boosting economic development in Taiwan overall. In addition, it is hoped that Taoyuan Aerotropolis will ensure the future of sustainable development for Taoyuan City, which has created a specific, sustainable development plan. Taoyuan Aerotropolis is focused on achieving sustainable development in social, environmental, economic and other areas with the goal of enhancing the lives of the people of Taoyuan and Taiwan economically and ecologically.



Multi-touch Panel PC


  •    21.5" TFT Full HD panel with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen  
  •    Embedded 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 / i5 / i3 Processor
  •    Projected Capacitive Multi-touch Support up to 10 Points (2 default)
  •    Use Touchscreen with Gloves by Increasing Screen Sensitivity (optional) 
  •    1 Swappable 2.5" SATA Drive Bay
  •    Simple, elegant design with IP54 front panel protection
  •    2 PCIe Slots
  •    Front sealed panel design provides IP54 protection

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