Arestech debuts its newest embedded platforms and explores a wide range of embedded applications at Embedded World 2015

Arestech debuts its newest embedded platforms and explores a wide range of embedded applications at Embedded World 2015

February 10, 2015, Taipei

The 2015 Embedded World Exhibition & Conference in Nürnberg, Germany is from February 24th to 26th, with Arestech located in Hall 1, booth 121. To meet the needs of the growing Industry 4.0 trend, Arestech will present our latest embedded box PCs, industrial multi-touch displays and panel PCs designed for service in automation industries for CNC machining, robotics for handling, production and assembly, self-service, and surveillance sectors, as well as for use in vehicles. 

From the Industrial Automation Revolution to Smart Automation

In smart automation factories, machines and products communicate with each other, cooperatively driving production through the use of cyber-physical systems. Arestech’s PPC-S172 and BPC-7430, designed with an Intel® Celeron® Bay Trail D J1900 2.0 GHz processor, are the best total solutions for smart automation, especially in CNC machining, robotics, production and assembly industries. 

● Multi-touch Panel PC: PPC-S172

The PPC-S172 is an industrial grade 17" LED multi-touch panel PC with a stainless steel bezel, waterproof front panel, and two PCI expansion slots. The exceptionally strong bond between the touchscreen and bezel gives the PPC-S172 an IP65 waterproof rating, while the slim 3.5 mm front cover makes wall mounting easy. The PPC-S172's three COM ports and one DIO port can make factory automation control easier

● Embedded Box PC: BPC-7430

The BPC-7430 provides a reliable platform for a wide variety of applications by accepting standard PCI cards. The BPC-7430 cableless structure provides additional durability for long-term usage. The PCI slots enable integration of off-the-shelf PCI cards for a configurable application platform. Generic I/O interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet, COM, and USB are also provided for connecting devices. Optional isolated COM ports and digital I/O connectors are available for even greater flexibility.

The Growing Use of Self-serve Interactive Kiosks

Bike rental stations are a prime example of a fully automated self-serve solution, and embedded box PCs are the simplest and most cost-effective way to implement and manage them. Arestech’s BPC-3030 and BPC-3060 embedded box PCs are already being used in Pingtung, Taiwan to manage the local Pbike public bicycle rental system.

● Embedded Box PC: BPC-3060

The BPC-3060 is a high performance fanless box PC with a 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5 Haswell processor housed in a compact enclosure. The BPC-3060's three COM ports and one DIO port make machine automation control and data collection easier. This high performance fanless box PC is also ideal for video/graphics applications with dual HDMI 1.4a ports supporting up to 4096 x 2304 resolution.

● Embedded Box PC: BPC-3030

The BPC-3030 has an Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900 and is the ideal hardware platform for embedded and automation applications. With its built-in USB slot design, the BPC-3030 is suitable for integrators requiring software encryption, and is further enhanced with a 9-36 V DC power input and multiple COM ports that offer a diverse and stable transmission interface ideal for kiosks, automation, and transportation industries.

Vehicles and Surveillance Require Innovative Solutions for Embedded Applications

Vehicles and surveillance are the future-focused industries of Arestech. The BPC-7260 and VBC-6060 feature high performance 4th/5th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, and their Intel® HD Graphics 4600 engine provides high resolution and smooth performance via three video outputs (VGA, DP, HDMI) suitable for multimedia displays, digital signage and placement in vehicles.

● Embedded Box PC: BPC-7260


With an isolated 8-bit digital I/O port and four COM ports, the BPC-7260 provides normal speed control signals for a variety of industrial equipment utilizing terminal connections. Five LAN ports (four PoE and one GbE) and six USB ports provide high-speed signal and data transmission for networked devices such as remote video cameras. Three Mini PCIe expansion slots accept 3G/WLAN modules to provide different types of wireless communication. Supporting up to four HDDs (two internal and two swappable), the BPC-7260 provides the largest possible storage capacity, which is especially suited to video surveillance applications.

● In-Vehicle Box PC: VBC-6060

Arestech's VBC-6060 is a fanless box PC specifically designed for use in vehicles. Featuring a high performance 4th/5th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, the VBC-6060 has the ability to easily adapt to vehicle-specific applications. Four PoE ports can be directly connected to video surveillance devices, simplifying installation. Controller Area Network (CAN) bus 2.0B support can also be used to communicate with and control additional devices within a vehicle, while three internal HDDs provide for the largest possible storage capacity. The VBC-6060 has three Mini PCIe slots (for 3G / WLAN / LTE modules), and a build-in GPS and BDS system for real-time information access in remote or mobile environments. 

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